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THAA is proud to offer more continuing education opportunities in 2023, including a new series of live webinars that count toward in-person CE requirements with TDLR. These live webinars, available to THAA members and nonmembers, offer low-cost and timely, relevant learnings for licensed hearing instrument specialists. 

Please note: All of our past webinar recordings are available to THAA members in the THAA LMS and are generally approved for 1 hour of continuing education credit for online course-internet by TDLR, unless otherwise noted.

How OTC and Self-Fitting Devices Can Broaden Demand to Under-Served Populations (TX-110-23-034)

12:00 p.m.–1:00 p.m. CT, December 14, 2023

Speaker: Brian Taylor, AuD, Senior Director of Audiology, Signia

Recently, much has been written about disruptive technology, such as over-the-counter hearing aids and other self-fitting devices. Besides describing how these new hearing devices work, this presentation will provide an implementable clinical strategy involving the use of these disruptive technologies to expand the market. After outlining the emerging pathways to hearing care and how they fit into the traditional pathways, we will examine underserved populations and how they can be better served through new pathways with an emphasis on unbundled service provisions. Due to the convergence of several forces, including technological innovation and a rapidly aging population, the way audiology is currently practiced is likely to change rather dramatically over the next decade. Using published data and expert opinion, we will discuss what hearing care professionals can do over the next 2 to 5 years to be better positioned to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to a broader array of adults with communicatively significant hearing loss.


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About the Speaker

Dr. Brian Taylor is the senior director of audiology for Signia. He is also the editor of Audiology Practices, a quarterly journal of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, and editor-at-large for Hearing Health and Technology Matters, a leading industry blog. Dr. Taylor has authored several peer-reviewed articles and textbooks and is a highly sought-out lecturer. He has nearly 30 years of experience as both a clinician, business manager, and university instructor. His most recent textbook, Audiology Practice Management, was published in 2019, and the 3rd edition of his book Selecting and Fitting Hearing Aids was published in 2020.


THAA is approved by the International Hearing Society to offer continuing education for this course. This course CEN-728-23 is approved for up to 1 credit of continuing education (1 CE Credit = 1 contact hour). IHS approval of this course is based on content only and does not imply endorsement of the course content, specific products, clinical procedure, instructor or adherence to the IHS Code of Ethics. Any views that are presented are those of the presenter/Education Provider and not necessarily of the International Hearing Society.

Past Live Webinars

How the Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) Creates Health, Effectiveness, and Joy in the Hearing Clinic (TX-110-23-037)
Ron Ragsdale, President, Arete Partnerships

We present an elevated role of the PCC in relation to Core Strategies, Service Model, Patient Retention, Clinical Excellence, and
Organizational (Team) Health.

Privacy and Security of Health Information: HIPAA and Beyond (TX-110-23-033)

Speaker: Jennifer Claymon, J.D., Member, Reed, Claymon, Meeker, Krienke & Spurck, PLLC

A discussion of the requirements for maintaining the privacy and security of protected health information, including the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and Texas law regarding medical records privacy.

Speech in Noise: How and Why (TX-110-23-031)
Speaker: Dr. Douglas L. Beck, Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A

We address why and how to do a Speech in Noise evaluation and offer real-world examples, as well as why the single most important test an HCP can offer is a SIN test.

Cognition, Cognitive Screening, and Hearing Healthcare (TX-110-23-029)
Speaker: Dr. 
Douglas L. Beck, Au.D., F-AAA, CCC-A

We discuss how Speech in Noise (SIN) problems relate to potential cognitive decline, including dementia, sub-clinical hearing loss and more. 

Verification, Satisfaction, and Sales: Advanced Thinking on the What, How, and Why of Verification Processes in the Hearing Clinic (TX-110-23-027)
Speaker: Ron Ragsdale, President, Arete Partnerships

Participants will understand the many and varied ways we create verification experiences to both confirm our clinical work and to create exceptional patient satisfaction.

Optimizing Your Private Practice's Billing Processes to Minimize Claim Denials  (TX-110-23-014)
Speaker: Christy Farrar, Owner, Farrar Consulting; Lacey Ray, Medical Billing Specialist

We cover how to complete accurate medical records, insurance claims filing and other best practices to create clean claims.

Strategies for Thriving in a Changed World: How to Use Patient Personas to Drive More Effective Marketing (TX-110-23-012)
Speaker: Michele Ahlman, President, HITEC/ClearSounds/ClearDigital Media

Learn how to create a patient persona and how to use this information for hearing instrument specialists to drive more effective marketing and improve the patient experience.